BTE Adjustible Micro Gas Block - Stainless

Allows you to adjust the amount of gas entering the
chamber of your rifle, turning your over-gassed rifle into a smooth and reliable
precision machine. And think about it, the less gas you allow into the chamber
the less mess there is to clean up. Adjustable gas blocks are a must for the
factory over gassed rifles of today as well as any suppressed fire. Works great
in a carbine, mid-length or rifle length application.

Easy clamp on installaition. Does not require you to dimple your barrel as set screw gas blocks do.

Natural stainless finish.

100% made in the USA

Machined Out Of 17-4 Stainless Steel for Superior Strength and
Corrosion Resistance.

Available in Natural, Satin and Black Finishes

Machined to military specifications by B.T.E.

Patent pending.

Works great with Alpha Shooting Sports barrels.

BTE Adjustible Micro Gas Block - Stainless
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